An Ode to Caffeine

You, you nausea inducing staccato beat temple throbbing way to be

A sick throb of urge for a half life or two

Necessary detriment, forward forcing weight

Palpitating elixir of poisonous addiction

I wish I could do without you.



Hope – tormentor of my dreams

Much I marvelled the inevitability

Deep into that falseness rejoicing

I awoke and flung the vow

I heard a happy, thankful promising

When I thought of hope

Once upon a midnight confident

‘Hope!’ cried I, ‘Yes hope!’

And knew not the folly.

The First Step

Hello, welcome to my writing blog! This is where I intend to collate and share my work, an encourage myself to stick to some kind of regular production.

Almost all good writing begins with terrible first efforts. You need to start somewhere. — Anne Lamott



Happy adventuring!